Ditch the roses: Make someone smile with eight alternative blooms for Valentine’s Day

Say it with alternative bunches of flowers

Think about alternatives to roses this Valentine's Day
Think about alternatives to roses this Valentine's Day

Say it with alternative bunches of flowers

Those looking for the perfect bunch of flowers for Valentines have been advised by experts to opt for something a bit different.

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Roses are not the only flower! Romantics looking for a beautiful bouquet to impress their loved ones are being encouraged to get creative.

The gardening experts at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have given their favourite rose alternatives for the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

For those looking to make someone’s day extra special, picking the right flowers is particularly important.

Although red roses may seem like the obvious choice for many love birds this Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of other flowers that can make someone smile.

A spokesperson for GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk said: “Red roses are always a great go to for anyone this Valentines but we’re encouraging people to switch it up.

“Sunflowers are guaranteed to bring a smile to someone's face on the 14th and these cheerful blooms are also perfect for a mum or a friend.

“Thinking outside the box, for example picking colours that represent precious memories, birthstones or other significant events can demonstrate genuine thought to the person receiving them.”


The Sunflower - a symbol of luck and lasting happiness (photo: vbaleha - stock.adobe.com)

The humble yellow sunflower can seem like an odd choice for a Valentines bouquet but they can actually be a symbol of luck and lasting happiness. It is a great choice for mums or a friend to make them smile.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lillies - Calla meaning beauty in Greek (photo: adobe.com)
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In ancient Greek culture the Call Lily was thought to represent magnificent beauty with calla meaning beauty in Greek. Opt for pink and Calla Lillies if you want to show admiration, appreciation, or go for black and purple if you want to symbolise passion and mystery.


Carnations can be used in place of the rose (photo: Olesia Bilkei - stock.adobe.com)

Carnations are another flower of love that can be used in the place of the rose. Often pink carnations are given on Mother’s Day to signify a mother’s pure and never-ending love (carnations are fairly long-lasting flowers). Why not try red carnations for a partner to express long-lasting romance?


Peony flowers radiate class and elegance (photo: Maksim Denisenko - stock.adobe.com)

A bouquet of white Peony flowers radiate class and elegance. This flower is best gifted to those who enjoy subtle and understated arrangements. They symbolise a happy life and marriage so are perfect for your partner.


This versatile flower comes in many colours and works best in a colourful arrangement. Best suited for someone who is bubbly, energetic and fun-loving to match their personality perfectly.


If the receiver is lucky enough to have their birthday on Valentine’s Day then Irises should be your go to. Not only do they symbolise passion, hope and faith but they are also officially the birth flower of February. Their fascinating and unique shape could also be suited to someone who is quirky and creative.


As a spring bloom, daffodils can best represent a new relationship or friendship. These little symbols of happiness can remind someone how much you appreciate them being in your life.


Appropriately heart shaped, these hardy flowers have a velvety centre and are the epitome of a romantic bloom. Deep red tulips evoke feelings of deep and passionate love, so are the ideal alternative to the romantic rose.