Diamond expert reveals the 10 most dazzling celebrity engagement rings - and how much they really cost

Baylee Gramling/ Unsplash
From singers to sports stars, there have been countless celebrity proposals that have pulled on our heartstrings over recent years – and our fascination over household names popping the question has left us obsessing over the best engagement rings. 

With loved-up fiancés showing off a range of designs – from timeless classics to show-stopping diamonds – Head of Diamonds and Jewellery at Beaverbrooks, Lorna

Haddon, takes us through her top celebrity engagement rings of all time, and how much they really cost.

Justin Bieber and Hailey BieberJustin Bieber and Hailey Bieber
Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber | Getty Images

Hailey and Justin Bieber - £400,000

“Following their engagement in 2018, all eyes were on the huge diamond on Hailey’s finger.

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“Set on an 18 carat yellow gold band, the brilliant 6-10 carat oval diamond solitaire is spectacular for many reasons, but with its size and setting there is no surprise that it has been valued at around $500,000 (£400,000).

“Earlier this month, Hailey and Justin renewed their vows and announced they’re expecting their first child together, sharing photos of a baby bump and what appears to be an upgraded engagement ring. 

The stunning new ring, designed by Lorraine Schwartz, features a four-prong, oval diamond. The ring, which now adorns her wedding ring finger, is estimated to be valued at $1.5 million (£1.2 million) – with her original engagement ring taking pride of place on her right pinky finger. 

“Oval designs give an air of sophistication, making them a hugely popular engagement ring option that is both versatile and timeless.

William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales
William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales | Dimitar Dilkoff

HRH Princess Catherine of Wales and HRH Prince William of Wales - £300,000

“Estimated to be worth around £300,000, Kate’s engagement ring features Ceylon blue sapphires – a favourite for royals around the world.

“Famously worn by Princess Diana before being passed to Kate Middleton,  the iconic family heirloom holds incredible sentimental value. 

A blue sapphire is said to symbolise faithfulness and sincerity – a romantic and meaningful gesture for Kate’s ring which complements her classic and understated look.

 Royal and regal, the deep blue coloured gemstone is a great match for Kate, who is known for her composure, charisma and charm. 

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Jennifer Lopez and husband Ben AffleckJennifer Lopez and husband Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and husband Ben Affleck | Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck - £4 to 8 million

“A love story that began in 2001, after their relationship ended in 2004, Jennifer Lopez reunited with Ben Affleck in 2021 and the couple were engaged a year later – much to the delight of fans.

“With an elongated cushion cut, the ring features two tapered baguettes and an incredibly rare 10 carat green diamond centre stone, which is said to signify the singer’s lucky colour.

“Valued between $5-10 million (£4-8 million), the ring is a real showstopper!

Blake Lively and Ryan ReynoldsBlake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds | Getty Images

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds - £1.6 million

“Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds wowed with a stand-out engagement ring before tying the knot in 2012. 

“Lively’s ring has a 12 carat solitaire-set, oval, pink diamond surrounded by a hidden halo of smaller diamonds that are only visible from the sides, making it entirely unique. 

Set on a rose gold band, the ring is valued at around $2 million (£1.6 million).

“Setting the pink diamond on rose gold complements the stone’s colour, and its solitaire setting only accentuates its size and prominence.

Anna KournikovaAnna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova | Getty Images

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias - £1.9 million

“When it comes to showstopping celebrity engagement rings, there are few that beat Anna Kournikova’s (quite literally) breath-taking diamond!

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“A unique and bold take on the traditional three stone design, Anna’s ring is made up of a sensational pear-shaped pink diamond, cushioned between two smaller pear-shaped diamonds either side. Its size and clarity mean the ring has been valued at more than $2.5 million (£1.9 million).

“Carefully curated to suit Anna’s personality, the captivating pink gemstones are often associated with creativity, love, and romance. 

They likely played into Enrique’s choice to select the perfect engagement ring to symbolise the couple’s everlasting love for each other.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae HagueTommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague
Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague | Getty Images

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury - £500,000

“Love Island fans have been following Molly-Mae and Tommy’s story since 2019, so it’s safe to say we were all eager to get a closer look at her sparkling ring when they announced their engagement in July 2023! 

“Oval cut diamonds continue to be a major trend, and Molly-Mae’s ring featured an 8 carat diamond surrounded by a shimmering halo in a solitaire setting – estimated to be worth around £500,000. 

“If you’re keen to elevate your ring with added sparkle, opting for a halo is the perfect choice, as it will enhance the size and sparkle of any central stone."

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake BongioviMillie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi
Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi | Getty Images/Canva

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi - £60,000 to £120,000

“After being worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle over the years, cushion cut diamonds have become one of the most notable celebrity engagement ring styles to date. 

Millie Bobby Brown announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi in April 2023, capturing the moment with an emotive Instagram photo. 

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“Estimated to be worth between £60,000–£120,000, the ring features a cushion cut central diamond, maximised by a shimmering halo of smaller diamonds.

“The rounded shape of this diamond style is perfect if you’re after a softer look and captures beautifully in the light.

Ramona Agruma and Rebel WilsonRamona Agruma and Rebel Wilson
Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson | Getty Images

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma - £80,495

“Solitaire engagement rings have always been a timeless choice, and when Rebel Wilson announced her Disney-themed engagement to Ramona Agruma in February 2023, her ring was the perfect standout piece.

“This stunning design features a 3 carat round centre stone, enhanced by a floating solitaire design that is finished on a high polished platinum band, and has been valued at around $100,000 (£80,495). 

“The continued popularity of solitaire engagement rings lies in the simplicity of the design – an ideal choice for those that lust for an elegant look that will never go out of style.

Cole Tucker and Vanessa HudgensCole Tucker and Vanessa Hudgens
Cole Tucker and Vanessa Hudgens | Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker - £200,000

“When Vanessa Hudgens announced her engagement to Major League Baseball player Cole Tucker last February, her followers were dying for peek at her jaw-dropping ring – and we were not disappointed!

“The oval diamond is beautifully balanced on a thin gold band, with a solitaire design that allows the central stone to shine. Having been valued at around £200,000, it really is a spotlight stealer.

“Setting diamonds on a slender band is becoming increasingly popular, with celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian also sporting the style, as the contrast in size draws the eye to the diamond. 

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Actress Zoe KravitzActress Zoe Kravitz
Actress Zoe Kravitz | AFP via Getty Images

Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum - £250,000

“Actress Zoe Kravitz is widely known for her eclectic style and love of jewellery, so it’s no surprise her ring from Channing Tatum showcases serious sparkle. 

“The ring features a ‘rare’ 7 carat cushion cut diamond, an ode to vintage designs, which complements Zoe’s unique look perfectly.

Sitting upon an 18 carat yellow and white gold band with black detailing, Zoe’s ring is estimated to be worth around $300,000 (£250,000).”

See Lorna’s top picks to recreate these celebrity’s engagement ring styles: 

Get the look: Hailey Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens and Molly-Mae Hague

£14,250 from Beaverbrooks

The perfect token to eternal love, this mesmerising oval cut diamond sparkles from every angle to celebrate life’s special moments. 

£2,950 from Beaverbrooks

Crafted with a simple, elegant design, this oval cut diamond ring is sure to be treasured for years to come. 

Get the look: HRH Princess Catherine of Wales

18ct Gold Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring                                                                                        

£4,250 from Beaverbrooks

Adorned with exquisite diamonds and a vibrant sapphire, this 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Sapphire Cluster Ring adds a touch of royalty to any future bride.

£3,250 from Beaverbrooks 

A unique adaptation of the three-stone look, this stunning ring combines complementary colours and shapes to create a stunningly unique piece. 

Get the look: Jennifer Lopez

£4,750 from Beaverbrooks

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This dazzling 18ct White Gold Diamond Emerald Three Stone Ring takes inspiration from classic vintage style, paired with the contemporary finish of white gold.

Get the look: Anna Kournikova and Blake Lively

£5,250 from Beaverbrooks 

Serving up love in every sparkle, this Platinum Diamond Pink Sapphire Oval Cut Ring is destined to dazzle in divine elegance and enchanting beauty.

£14,250 from Beaverbrooks 

Featuring a contemporary take on a classic design, this striking ring is perfect for brides-to-be looking for unique sparkle. 

£2,650 from Beaverbrooks 

Represent your past, present and future together with this stunning three-stone engagement ring, radiating sparkle with three beautiful diamonds.

Get the look: Millie Bobby Brown and Zoe Kravitz

£2,000 from Beaverbrooks 

Crafted in 18ct white gold, this stunning ring features a beautiful cushion-cut central stone, surrounded by a glimmering halo of diamonds across the band.

Get the look: Ramona Agruma

£6,500 from Beaverbrooks 

Simply beautiful, this stunning platinum solitaire ring is designed to sparkle more than enough on its own, or pairs perfectly with a silhouette ring.



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