Could your Polly Pocket be worth thousands?

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It was the 90’s toy every little girl loved and now it appears in 2018 Polly Pocket is just as popular with some toys selling for as much as £7,795 on eBay.

Since its creation in 1989 the cult toy has gone on to become a collectors item with buyers shelling out thousands to get their hands on rare Polly Pocket sets.

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For example, the Mattel Polly Pocket Doll (sea and sunsets set and car series 6 and sealed from 2008) is currently listed on eBay at a staggering £7,795.00 with 16 people watching.

And another Polly Pocket set (Polly Pocket two doll set, swim party with Polly and Ana plus 17 fashions) is currently listed at £1,115.63.

But before you start digging out your childhood toys it is worth noting that the market is saturated in Polly Pocket toys with some worth thousands whereas others just a fiver.

So how do you know if your Polly Pocket is worth a fortune?

eBay offers tips for knowing whether your Polly Pocket is worth any money:

Know if it’s vintage or Mattel

Surprisingly the original vintage Polly Pocket produced by Bluebird does not have the same value on eBay as the redesigned range from Mattel. Mattel Polly Pockets are worth considerably more on eBay.

Learn how to spot the difference

Bluebird Polly Pockets were produced from 1989 until the late 90s when Mattel took over. Vintage Polly Pockets are less than 1-inch tall and made of hard plastic whereas Mattel Polly Pockets are 2 to 3 inches tall and made of pliable plastic.

Know Polly’s friends

During the 1998 redesign Polly was introduced to new friends. If you recognise Shani, Lea, Lila, Crissy, Kerstie, Rick, and Todd they could add even value to your set.

Is it in working order?

Mattel Polly Pockets can move with hinges so make sure it is in working order with no signs of damage.