Coronation Street: Popular ITV soap moved once again due to UEFA Women’s Nations League coverage

Popular ITV soap Coronation Street has been moved again as the channel undergoes a schedule change

Popular ITV soap Coronation Street will once again fall victim to schedule changes, as fans said they are ‘fed up’ as the show will be moved this week as one episode has been moved to another date.

The show airs three episodes a week, totalling three hours in total. The episodes are an hour long and it airs every other day during the week at 8pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but will be moved this week.

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ITV has taken on extra coverage of multiple sporting events, all of which are being played this week. The broadcaster is covering the Rugby World Cup and the UEFA Women’s Nations League.

They have altered the schedule in order to fit everything in, meaning moving Coronation Street. The ITV soap already had its usual Monday episode, but its Friday episode has been scrapped and moved to Tuesday.

This is good and bad news for Coronation Street fans. The good news is that they will get to see their soap three days in a row on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but after Wednesday’s episode, they will have to wait five days until another instalment.

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This has annoyed some fans. One viewer on Facebook said: “I hate when the schedule times are changed? What is it this time?”. Whilst another said that it’s ‘not right’, that Corrie always gets moved for football or rugby.

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