Aldi supermarket ‘solves’ Eastenders murder mystery as BBC soap teases Christmas 2023 special

Aldi has a lot to clean up after today’s confession…

The cast of EastEnders’ have a murder mystery on their hands but Aldi supermarket thinks it has the answers. The BBC soap released a preview of its bloody Christmas 2023 special featuring six suspects and an unknown victim - no one is any wiser, except for Aldi - possibly.

As part of its 38th anniversary episode in February, the long-running soap EastEnders’ started a storyline that will absolve itself at Christmas 2023. It also delivered a thrilling flash-forward teaser with the words ‘in a flash, everything changes’ at the end of the special episode last night

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The explosive storyline focuses on six women - Stacey Slater, Suki Panesar, Sharon Watts, Kathy Beale, Denise Fox and Linda Carter who are stuck in the middle of a murder mystery. The all female-led episode left a 10 month cliffhanger with six potential killers.

But while fans of the show are tearing their hair out trying to solve the ordeal, Aldi believes they know who the murderer is. The German supermarket took to Twitter to reply to the mind-boggling trailer last night (February 20).

Aldi hilariously wrote: “It was Sharon in the middle aisle with a cordless power drill”. While we can count out the location, Aldi might be onto something.

Fans of the show have also weighed in with their suggestions. One user replied to the original post: “It’s like murder on the Orient Express....they all done it”.

Meanwhile another user is certain about the victim’s identity: “It’s Nish. I’m telling you right now, Nish is dead.” EastEnders returns tonight on BBC One at 7:30pm.



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