Aldi brings back sell-out premium Wagyu beef meatballs

After selling out in October discount supermarket Aldi has brought back its Wagyu meatballs to stores across the country.

The Specially Selected Wagyu Meatballs are made using Wagyu (meaning Japanese beef) – one of the most highly prized meats in the world.

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Wagyu remains one of the most expensive beefs in the world – costing anything from £100 to £1,000 per kilo – and is still rarely available in UK restaurants, butchers, or supermarkets.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Wagyu Meatballs are a fraction of the price though and come in at just £3.49 (340g) for 12 at Aldi.

The premium quality beef comes from four main breeds of cattle including, the Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Shorthorn and Japanese Polled, which are all reared on a very strict diet in Japan.

Wagyu beef and its typical marbling. Shutterstock

Non-Japanese Wagyu, the kind shoppers are more likely to come across, comes from mass-farmed cattle and is less expensive.

Aldi’s Wagyu hails from New Zealand.

Aldi said in a statement: “Made with premium quality Wagyu meat sourced from cattle that are bred and grass-fed on New Zealand pastures, each pack contains 12 seasoned meatballs with a wonderfully sweet, nutty flavour.

“A great way to upgrade a much-loved classic spaghetti dish or casserole for a family of four.”