A Full Beaver Moon will be visible in the UK next week - this is the best time to see it

A Full Beaver Moon is set to peak in the UK next week, but eager skywatchers will be able to catch a glimpse of it in all its glory over the weekend.

The moon will appear full for around three days, with Monday (30 November) morning due to offer the clearest views, according to NASA.

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What is a Full Beaver Moon?

The Full Beaver Moon is the name for the first full Moon of November.

Originally called a Beaver Moon, it got its title from people preparing for winter.

The November full Moon alerted people when to set traps before the swamps froze over, ensuring they had a good supply of furs for the winter.

A different interpretation claims the name derived from the animal, as beavers would be most active in the preparation for winter.

The moon at this time of year is also referred to as the Frost Moon and the Oak Moon.

When will it be visible?

The moon will be visible for around three days in total, from Saturday (28 November) evening up until Tuesday (1 December) morning.

However, it will reach its peak at around 09:30 GMT on Monday (30 November) morning, so this is the best time to look if you want to see it.

Luna expert Gordon Johnston from Nasa said: “The Moon will appear full for about three days around this time, from Saturday night through Tuesday morning.

“The Moon will be close enough to opposite the sun that it will pass through the partial shadow of the Earth, with 83 per cent of the moon in the partial shadow at 4:44 AM, the peak of the eclipse.”

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