5 things to watch on TV this weekend

The weekend is here, and there's plenty of TV to keep you occupied.

Here are five of the best things to watch on television this weekend:

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

(Photo: Joe Pugliese/Netflix)

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Leading US chat show host David Letterman returns from late-night retirement to front this Netflix series of monthly interviews with notable figures.

He's diving in at the deep end, with the first episode featuring President Barack Obama in his first major TV appearance since leaving office a year ago.

Upcoming episodes will feature appearances from names like George Clooney and Jay-Z, but the opener sees Obama and Letterman swap anecdotes about how they fill their time, and how uncool their children find them.

Available now on Netflix

Room 101

(Photo: BBC)

The light-hearted panel show on which Frank Skinner invites celebrities to share their pet hates in the hopes of getting them consigned to 'Room 101' returns to BBC One tonight (12 January).

Charlie Brooker, actress Pearl Mackie and Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt are the first to share their peeves this week, with the Black Mirror creator hoping to get “anything I don’t want to do” in the vault.

“Most things aren’t worth bothering with,” he explains. “It would have made no difference to the quality of my life if 98 per cent of it hadn’t happened.”

BBC One, Friday 12 January, 8.30pm (available on iPlayer after)

Lethal Weapon

(Photo: Warner Bros. Television)

Season 1 of the TV version of the movie franchise didn't cause too much of a stir, but a loyal - if small - fanbase and continued American success mean its second season comes to ITV this weekend.

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Chock full of action - think big guns and exploding cars - the second series kicks off with detective Riggs on his way to Mexico to avenge his wife’s murder.

Partner Murtaugh catches up with him, and it's soon back to the ridiculous set-pieces and bombastic shoot-outs that will either have you unapologetically enraptured or shouting about how silly it is.

ITV1, Friday 12 January, 9.00pm

Hard Sun

(Photo: BBC)

After a gripping opening episode of BBC's latest blockbuster drama, the second instalment of Hard Sun sees the truth of the conspiracy beginning to go public.

The news is quickly shut down, transforming what should be a panic-inducing revelation into a laughable hoax.

Thus begins and cat-and-mouse game of wits between DCI Charlie Hicks and DI Elaine Renko, and the government.

BBC One, Saturday 13 January, 9.35pm (available on iPlayer after)

The Coronation

(Photo: BBC)

Ahead of this BBC documentary, which features a rare interview with Her Majesty herself, some snippets of information have emerged, most notably her tips on wearing crowns.

This hour-long films aims to dig out more interesting, behind-the-scenes insights, as it looks back at The Queen's coronation of 1953.

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She shares her memories of the ceremony and the state of the nation at the time, as well as reminiscing further back to seeing her father crowned when she was 11.

BBC One, Sunday January 14, 8.00pm (available on iPlayer after)