Five chilling words uttered by Christian Brueckner that made him the prime suspect in Madeleine McCann case

Christian Brueckner uttered five damning words about Madeleine McCann to a former friends years before being named as a key suspect

Christian Brueckner uttered five chilling words about missing British toddler Madeleine McCann years before being named as prime suspect in the case. The convicted German predator was initially identified as a suspect in 2022, after it emerged he had been driving around the Praia da Luz resort at the time Madeleine went missing.

Brueckner reportedly spoke to the former friend, who then reported him to the police, saying: “Yes, she did not scream” when discussing missing Madeleine. The sex offender is currently serving a prison sentence in Germany for the rape and murder of a 72-year-old woman.

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German police started a physical search in a Portuguese dam last week, which is the first physical search for the little girl in nine years. Prosecutors reportedly received “credible” evidence that led them to the site, where they stayed for several days.

Since the search, the officials have appealed for more time at the site and have not yet disclosed whether items found are connected to the Madeleine McCann case. Brueckner has continued to deny allegations he is involved in the three year olds disappearance since reports first began surfacing.

Brueckner has claimed his innocence in a series of letters which also condemned police and others involved in the investigation. A recent letter saw the predator hit out at former friend Helge Busching, who initially approached the police in 2017, claiming he had information on the case.

The Mail Online reported that Brueckner had said the pair had fallen out in 2007, the same year Maddie disappeared, over a drug deal. The letter details Busching’s claims against Brueckner including he had said he feared being around Portuguese police at the time because of the “missing girl” before saying he’d said Madeleine “did not scream”.

Busching had reportedly disclosed to the police: “I was at the hippy festival in 2008 in Spain. Manfred (Seyferth another witness) was also there as well as Micheal (Tatschl an additional witness). Manfred, Christian and I then started talking about Portugal.

“It was then Christian made a comment about the missing girl. Christian asked me if I was still going to Portugal, I replied; ‘I’m no longer going to Portugal because there are too many problems there, Portugal has too many police for me on account of the missing child.’ It is indeed strange that she disappeared without a trace. Christian replied: ‘Yes, she did not scream.’.”

Brueckner has described these claims as “not even worthy of comment” as he denies the conversation ever taking place.



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