15 of the funniest snow pictures and videos from around Scotland

Piles of snow, freezing rain and even thundersnow - it's fair to say the Beast from the East is testing Scots' patience to their limits.

Despite the treacherous conditions, however, the weather is also bringing out the best in Scottish humour.

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Here are 12 of the finest examples of Scottish wit that ought to warm you up a degree or two.

One Glaswegian seemed nonplussed by the severe conditions, opting for a 'taps aff' approach despite the chilly weather.

— Mark Dallas (@RealMarkDallas) February 28, 2018

Another looked at the conditions as the perfect opportunity to try out a new mode of transport

Great George Street doubled up as a ski slope for this keen snow boarder. The next Winter Olympics are only four years away!

Great George Street, Glasgow. Currently doubling as a snow boarding slope #BeastFromTheEast pic.twitter.com/IOZRNs3Rtl

— Francis Stuart (@FrancisStuart1) March 1, 2018

One Twitter user caught a rare glimpse of an AT-AT outside Kelvingrove Art Gallery...

— Iain is relaxing (@IainIsCreative) March 1, 2018

Panic truly set in when stocks of IRN-BRU began to dry up

Panic @irnbru buying at Edinburgh Waverley. pic.twitter.com/cNlpbPpdX4

— Neil Sloan (@neilsloan) March 1, 2018

Some resorted to filling their trolleys with crisps - and vodka

There is legit folk in Scotland right now buying all the crisps and Vodka they can get their hands on.... pic.twitter.com/mURC2Jp4eK

— Batchy (@BatchyHD) March 2, 2018

Even the police got in on the act

This is not an appeal re people stealing our van. We couldn’t Police this area without you, literally on this occasion...The 5th emergency service: The good people of #Edinburgh helping us out #WeNeedYou #GiesAPush #Thanks pic.twitter.com/lxPH2lCoVd

— Edinburgh North East (@EdinPolNE) March 1, 2018

One dog appeared unimpressed by her new form of transport

Walter is not impressed!! Still, at least he has a blanket and a "human husky"! Lauren (aka Walter's mum!) is in the office today, also wrapped up against #BeastFromTheEast. #Walter #Edinburgh #SnowDogs pic.twitter.com/fsp8oUSUEp

— Thorntons Law Edin (@Thorntons_Edin) March 2, 2018

Some looked at the weather as an opportunity to invent a new sport... like wind snowboarding

A different way to enjoy #Holyroodpark #EdinburghPlease look after yourselves and others whilst having fun#Snow #BeastfromtheEast@welovehistory @BBCScotlandNews @STVEdinburgh @edinspotlight pic.twitter.com/T6roEaQTtU

— Holyrood Ranger Will (@HolyroodRanger) March 1, 2018

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While Xander Mitchell introduced Bo'ness to snow kayaking. Perhaps we'll be seeing this at the next Winter Olympics?

Meanwhile, BBC Scotland highlighted the plight of one long-distance cyclist

Meet the Belgian who is trying to cycle from Scotland to Brighton. He picked the wrong week for it! 🌨️🚴‍♂️ #BeastFromTheEast pic.twitter.com/MH22wd4erC

— BBC Scotland News (@BBCScotlandNews) March 2, 2018

Some got creative with the snow, though this snowman appears to have been blown over by

Morning.. Been a bit weird week with this beast from the east... Central Scotland still on Amber alert till 10am but no main transport running at the moment... Think this person got wrong idea bout how to build a snowman #TheBeastFromTheEast #uksnow #FridayFeeling pic.twitter.com/GoZmRYH2US

— Kirsty (@KFC22) March 2, 2018

One Scottish Tweeter saw the weather as a money-making opportunity

DIY Snowman for sale £5.00 ono will keep fresh in fridge (use within 3 days of opening) Free Delivery pic.twitter.com/2w9aEEsGVw

— Made in Scotland (@EyeintheskyGla) March 2, 2018

One keen-eyed viewer noted that Scotland itself was donning a balaclava

Even Scotland is wearing a balaclava #snow pic.twitter.com/6axDImrfE0

— Kev (@KevJP71) March 2, 2018

Scotland also appeared to finally have a worth successor to Hurricane Bawbag

#SNOWMAGGEDON Big yellow snow tadger warning is in force for today. Stay safe out there folks! pic.twitter.com/s4QRovQt3r

— Miss Donna Babington (@MissBabington) February 27, 2018

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