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Grid 20


1 It may hang by a thread, but it can be relied on (6)

4 Make one's way across to a religious festival (8)

9 Have to change into second smocks, taking turns to work (6)

10 Delivered to the Spanish guard who's keeping watch (8)

12 Get to the back of a boat, with little hesitation, later on (5)

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13 Are able to turn out to spell things out in greater detail (9)

14 Manage to pass, but may cause an accident (3,4)

15 Design to eat away at some secret challenges (4)

19 In return, criticises a popular card game (4)

21 It caught on well enough, within limits (7)

24 Decide they need time to turn up, right a the end (9)

26 At last, get one article to support the church (5)

27 Start in one gallery, while taking another one in (8)

28 Turn fans out, at the end, as it's dangerous (6)

29 Might a valued servant store up valuable items (8)

30 Tear around, taking note, having found a place to live (6)


1 What some reps said about others leaves them without hope (8)

2 Get a protective covering, at last, and in good order. It's a picture (8)

3 Follow the third way in court, neither guilty nor not guilty (3,6)

5 Mean to bear witness for a long time (7)

6 Is getting ready to join the fray (3-2)

7 Did Virginia, briefly, land up with a hooligan (6)

8 A tumbler, say, left out a role, right at the end (6)

11 Is about to bring up the pack at the back of the field (4)

16 First chap took on the attitude of a faithful girl (9)

17 Divert some girls with a pamphlet (8)

18 One could always tear around with a priest (8)

20 Can a publisher head off fast operator on the track? (7)

21 Getting little credit, we returned to a company, in the main (4)

22 At short notice, had to run one paper. It's wide of the mark (6)

23 At a road-race, in short, one is about to wear the right dress (6)

25 Go by timeless paths to find some corncrakes (5)