Your Reviews: Enclosure 44 – Humans

Michelle Blake, 34, Wardieburn: "It's quite outrageous, it's quite different. it's quite nice to actually see. They're interacting and that. I've just got here. I'd read about it, but I'd actually forgotten they were here. It's quite strange. We'll stay and watch as long as the kids are happy."

Paul Davidson, 33, Leith: "It shows you the way animals are like humans. I've been watching now about five minutes, they're acting really human, the way they're eating, the way they're jumping about and things. It's really good for the kids, a lot of them are watching, it's very educational for them."

Lynn Wojtacha, 27, East Lothian: "Very different. Quite weird. I've not been watching them that long, a couple of minutes. I've seen them rolling around and intermingling with each other, one of them was drinking water at the front. It's quite different really. The other animals were dressed better."

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Kenneth Thompson, 60s, East Lothian: "It's unusual to say the least, I didn't know there would be humans here, it came as a surprise. We're here with the children. The humans are more lively than anything else we've seen in the zoo so far, absolutely. Being in there all day every day, it must be hard to keep up the pretence."