'Young feel unprepared for working,' report claims

Many young people feel unprepared for the world of work, with some admitting they believe they will be less successful than their parents, research suggests.

Competition from their peers, a lack of jobs, and not enough work experience are all challenges that youngsters believe will stop them reaching their goals, according to a report by the Young Foundation.

The study, which questioned almost 500 13- to 25-year-olds, found that many are concerned that the education system is not preparing them for jobs.

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Half said that they were not, or are not, being taught "enterprise" skills such as taking the initiative, looking for opportunities and being creative.

And over a third (35 per cent) reported they did not feel they learned "leadership" skills, like the ability to lead a team on a task or project.

One in three (32.6 per cent) said their education and experiences at school did not prepare, or are not preparing, them for the working world, while a further one in six (16.6 per cent) said they were unsure.

Soft skills such as the ability to work in a team, communicate and listen to others, were the traits youngsters believed employers were looking for most.