Wrestlers get to grips in Portobello

WRESTLING fans are set for a treat when WE-UK descends on Portobello's Town Hall this Friday.

The show, themed Scotland and the USA versus the Rest of the World, will feature solo, tag team, and royal rumble action.

The Scotland & USA team is headed up by 27-stone "Highlander from hell" Drew McDonald, official UK talent scout for WWE.

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Organisers have released special discounted tickets from just 4.50 and are urging families to experience the six-match event.

McDonald said: "It's a new place for me to show how great Scottish and American wrestlers are.

"With what we have planned, the rest of the world team should not even bother turning up.

"Let them be warned. As I know that with the support of Portobello wrestling fans, we'll come through the night with a super victory."

The show will feature four solo contests, a tag team match and an over the top rope Royal Rumble and feature former WWE wrestler Robbie Brookside, and a host of ITV's World of Sport wrestling legends.