WPC 'was harassed by sergeant after she spurned his advances'

A FEMALE special constable broke down as she told a court that a married police sergeant accused of harassing her for over a year after she rejected his advances, had pushed her "over the edge".

Volunteer officer Nicola McIntosh, 41, said Fife Constabularly officer Douglas McCarroll, 51, had bombarded her with letters, texts and phone calls.

The mother of three also said that McCarroll followed her car and walked around her house on different occasions over a 14-month period.

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Mrs McIntosh, who works as a banking officer, told Dunfermline Sheriff Court that her neighbours had become so concerned for her safety they gave her a walkie-talkie.

Mrs Mclntosh, who has lived with her daughters in Saline, Fife, since separating from husband Alan, first met McCarroll when she volunteered as a special constable at Oakley Police Station five years ago.

She said he was "very supportive" of her at first, but became "strange" after she rejected his advances in 2009. She said that, despite telling him she was not interested in a romantic relationship, he continued writing her letters saying she could make him "the happiest man in the world".

She told the court: "I was shocked. I didn't have any feelings for him that way and I told him that. I was upset and I wanted it to stop. It's just not normal behaviour. I tried my best to say we could be friends, but not in that way.

"I felt my personal space was being invaded by this silly nonsense."

She said McCarroll turned up at her house and banged on the doors and windows, and on one occasion scared one of Mrs McIntosh's daughters by going round to the back of the house and knocking on the window.

Mrs Mclntosh said her children decided to use Blu-Tac to stick the curtains to the walls so no-one could see in.

She said McCarroll once followed as she took her youngest daughter to the local sports centre, which left the pair "upset".

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When asked about McCarroll's behaviour, Mrs McIntosh burst into tears as she told the court she thought his intention was to drive her "mad", and she thought he had abused his position as a police officer.

She said: "When you're in trouble you phone the police. You wouldn't ever think someone in that position would do what he did, considering I respected him at that time. He has abused his position.

"This has caused me and my family complete and utter grief. It's been horrendous.

"It's even affected how I perceive other men. I don't trust any man. I think they will turn into psychos or they are not normal.

"If he is trying to push me over the edge, he's done quite well."

McCarroll, of Lochgelly, Fife, denies committing a breach of the peace.

The summary trial, before Sheriff Craig McSherry, sitting without a jury, continues.

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