Yemen vows to tackle causes of terrorism

YEMEN and its foreign partners agreed last night to work together to root out militant groups that threaten security in the region and beyond by tackling the deep causes of radicalisation.

The poverty-stricken country has become the focus of world attention after the failed Christmas Day airline bombing was linked to militants operating within its borders.

In a joint news conference after an international conference on Yemen in London, the foreign ministers of Yemen, Britain and the United States said Yemen's problems required a broader range of solutions than a simple crackdown on al-Qaeda affiliates.

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"It's been a common feature of every contribution that we have heard today that the assault on Yemen's problems cannot begin and end with its security challenges and its counter-terrorism strategy," said Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

"In tackling terrorism it is vital to tackle its root causes. In Yemen's case these are manifold – economic, social and political."

Among the commitments made by Yemen was a pledge to start talks with the International Monetary Fund to help put together a programme of economic reforms.