War in Ukraine: Kyiv renames almost 100 streets to distance itself from Russian control

The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv has renamed almost 100 streets in a bid to distance itself from its past under Russian control – including changing one major thoroughfare to ‘Londonska’ in a bid to recognise the UK’s support for the country during the war.

Piterska Street - located in eastern Kyiv and originally named after the Russian city of Saint Petersburg - has been renamed Londonska, after London. The names were chosen following a public vote.

Marshall Malinovsky Street, named after a Soviet military commander, has been renamed “Heroes of the Azov Regiment St” – to honour the fighters who held out against Russian troops in Mariupol earlier this year - while Tulska Square has been named Heroes of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Square, to mark the work of troops who were engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Soviet Union during the Second World War.

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Budarina Street has been renamed as “Ukrainian Revival Street”.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced the name changes.
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Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko said on Telegram: “Today, the Kyiv City Council renamed 95 streets, alleys and squares, the names of which are related to Russia and the Soviet past.

“New names, initiated and supported by the public during rating voting, should perpetuate the memory of significant historical events of Ukraine, as well as famous figures and heroes who glorified Ukraine and fought for the independence of our state. In particular, in the modern Russian-Ukrainian war.”

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He added: “This is an important step towards reducing the lying manipulations and influence of the Russian aggressor on the interpretation of our history.”

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He added that the renaming process in the capital has not yet been completed and would be further discussed by officials in a bid to continue the “de-Russification” of Kyiv.

Mayor Klitschko did not specifically mention why Londonska Street had been so named, however, Ukrainian authorities have long praised outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s close relationship with Ukraine. Mr Johnson made what is likely to be his last official visit to Ukraine this week on the country’s Independence Day on Wednesday, where he met with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. Despite his controversial reputation in the UK, Mr Johnson is a popular figure in Ukraine.

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Some people, however, were sceptical about the decision.

"One imperial for another?” asked on man on Twitter.



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