Vladimir Putin’s legs seen shaking and twitching in footage as speculation mounts about his health

Footage of Russian President Vladimir Putin appearing to uncontrollably twitch and shake his legs has led to further speculation about his health.

Video footage from last week shows Putin looking uncomfortable during a visit to Kaliningrad with his legs shaking as he addresses a room of children.

However, fresh footage has been shared on social media showing similar behaviour from Putin during his visit to the Russian far-east province of Kamchatka — with the president once again tapping and twitching his legs.

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The footage, taken from a similar event in which Putin addressed young Russians, saw him tapping both of his feet on the floor and holding on to his armrest for support.

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In the address he told the youngsters: 'You have to live for something to die for.'

It is not the first time that speculation has mounted over the health of the 69-year-old Russian leader, with Putin regularly seen twitching and appearing to be unsteady while in public.

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Questions about Putin's health have been circulating for some time with the president often looking uncomfortable in his chair, hobbling off planes, or gripping arm rests during speeches.

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Footage from this month shows Vladimir Putin's legs shaking

On Tuesday, Russia accused Kyiv of hitting the safety protection zone at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant three times in 24 hours, with Ukraine counter claiming that Russian forces have used the plant as a shield from which to fire on nearby cities, although Russia insists it is guarding the site.

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The plant has been occupied by Russia since the start of the war and it has come under repeated attack since, with both sides blaming each other.