Video: Father and son’s heartwarming talk about Paris attacks

A HEARTWARMING video has emerged showing a father and his young son talking about the attacks in Paris.

Mr Le and his son. Picture: Contributed

Angel Le, originally from Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, and his son were interviewed by a journalist from Le Petit Journal, part of France’s Canal Plus network.

The reporter asks the young boy: “Do you understand what happened [on Friday]?

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“Do you understand why those people did that?”

The boy replies: “yes, because they’re really, really mean. Bad guys are not very nice.”

He then goes onto say that he and his family will have to ‘move out’ of their house.

Mr Le then tells his son that the family won’t have to move because ‘France is our home’.

His son’s concern that ‘there are bad guys’ is countered by his dad telling him ‘there are bad guys everywhere’.

Mr Le adds: “They might have guns, but we have flowers. Look, everyone is putting flowers.

“It’s to fight against guns.”

Mr Le then tells his son that the candles are to remember the victims of the attacks, and the boy understand that ‘the flowers and the candles are here to protect us.”

The reporter then asks the boy ‘Do you feel better now?’ and the boy replies ‘Yes, I feel better’.

The video has been shared countless times, and viewed by millions.

In a response on Facebook, Mr Le wrote: “Thanks for all the great comments you’ve posted for us.

“It’s when I see this support that I tell myself one thing: I am proud to be French and proud of my fellow countrymen.”

There has been widespread discussion in the wake of the attacks in the French capital about how best to explain the event to children.

This dad might have found the answer.