Satellite images appear to show extensive damage and several destroyed Russian warplanes

Ukraine conflict: Before and after satellite images show damage to airbase in Russian-ruled Crimea

Satellite images show the scale of the damage at a Crimea airbase following explosions earlier this week.

Explosions were reported at the the Saky base in the west of Russian-ruled Crimea on Tuesday, with Ukraine’s air force claiming at least nine Russian aircraft were destroyed on the ground.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility - but the images suggest the possibility of a targeted attack.

While the runway is intact – a significant amount of damage has been carried out, with planes away from hangers hit.

Planet Labs have now released images showing before and after pictures.

Russia insists that the explosions were caused by ammunition exploding in a store because of fire safety rules being flouted.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the incident while Russia denied that any aircraft had been damaged. These new images suggest that is not true.

The British defence secretary, Ben Wallace, told the BBC the UK was still trying to establish facts on the airbase explosions, but added that he believed it was unlikely western weapons were involved. The airbase, he argued, was a legitimate target for Ukraine’s armed forces.

Crimea is internationally recognised as part of Ukraine - but the Black Sea peninsula was annexed by Russia in 2014.

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