Spain Heatwave: Video shows wildfires surrounding shocked Spaniards stuck on Madrid to Ferrol train

Europe’s ‘heat apocalypse’ rages on as a Spanish train stops amid encroaching wildfires during a heatwave that has left more than 1,000 people dead in Spain and Portugal.

Europe is enduring a ferocious heatwave which has caused death and devastated landscapes across France, Portugal and Spain.

Videos were captured of the harrowing ordeal that saw Spaniards trapped in a train surrounded by advancing wildfires.

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What happened on the train?

On 18 July at 9:30a.m., passengers heading from Madrid to Ferrol were shocked as their train stopped dead in its tracks while surrounded by violent wildfires amidst the European ‘heat apocalypse’.

As the train passed by the town of Sanabria it was forced to a stop in the Zamora wildfire, which saw fire fast-approaching from both sides of the track.

The train stopped for a few minutes before slowly moving away from the advancing blaze.

Were any train passengers harmed?

The Madrid-Ferrol train unexpectedly stopped nearby Sanabria while nearby grounds were engulfed by wildfires. A video of the unnerving stop shows multiple passengers distressed by the event that happened on Monday.

Fortunately, no passengers on the Madrid-Ferrol train were harmed during the incident.

Francisco Seoane Pérez, a Political Communications expert, rode the train and captured a video of the shocking scene unfolding.

His footage, captured by smartphone, revealed the wildfires destroying the grassland just a few feet from the tracks.

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When translated from Spanish to English, passengers can be heard asking: “He is stopping… What is he doing?”

In an interview with El Diario, Pérez confirmed the passengers were “very afraid” due to the astonishing speed of the wildfire’s spread.

He said: “When you stopped looking out one window to look out the other, the fire had already moved.”

Has the train company responded to the incident?

The train company Renfe has shared multiple warnings regarding the wildfires.

They confirmed Adif has since suspended services between Zamora and Otero de Bodas, affecting the Alvia Galicia-Madrid trains and the AVE (Spain's high-speed rail.)

How intense is Spain’s heatwave?

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Recent temperatures in Spain have spiked above 40°C today, leaving the country in ‘extreme danger’ of more wildfires.

As of yesterday, 36 burning wildfires were recorded and 24 were listed as being “out of control.”

Across Spain and Portugal (which hit 47°C today), over 1,000 deaths have been recorded with many due to heat stroke.

Meanwhile, wildlife continues to be affected as tens of thousands of hectares of natural landscape has been engulfed in flame.

To stay safe during the ‘amber warning for extreme heat’ here in Scotland, please consult the Scottish Government website for more information.