Shanghai dairy closed due to melamine

A SHANGHAI dairy has been closed and three of its executives arrested for selling milk powder tainted with melamine, the industrial chemical responsible for the death of six children in 2008.

Xinhua news agency said powder and flavouring products sold by the Shanghai Panda Dairy Company were found to contain illegally high traces of the toxic chemical, which is rich in nitrogen and enables producers to foil mandatory protein content tests.

The company's warehouses were sealed off and authorities were currently overseeing the recall of the company's products from seven other regions.

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In 2008 six children died and 300,000 took ill after drinking melamine-tainted milk in a scandal that culminated in the bankruptcy of state-owned dairy Sanlu and the execution of two people. The scandal, one of a series of incidents which sparked product safety scares, stoked widespread anger and forced the resignation of China's top food safety official.