Scots walked in on Australian cannibal murderer

THE electrician who walked in on a man cooking his girlfriend’s remains was a Scot, it has been revealed.

Picture: TSPL

Brad Coyne, 28, who grew up in Dundee, was called to Marcus Volke’s house in Brisbane, Australia, on Saturday - the same night he was boiling his transgender partner Mayang Prasetyo, 27.

Mr Coyne told how a routine call-out would lead to the most horrifying night of his life, as he met Volke, who had killed his girlfriend and dismembered her.

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The former Morgan Academy pupil, who did not suspect Volke of foul play during his visit, said: “I was called out on Saturday night to put the power back on in this flat, in what is quite a posh area. When you listen to his call, he was as cool as a cucumber.

“I’ve worked in prisons and when I turned up he didn’t look like the type of person who could have done something so horrible - he seemed just a normal guy.”

Mr Coyne first became suspicious when he walked into the flat to a pungent smell.

He said: “The guy had his hand bandaged but claimed it had been an accident - I just wanted to get the job done as it was 7.20pm at night, so I didn’t really think anything of it.

“But then we walked in through the front door and as we did, he said “please excuse the smell, I’m cooking pig’s broth”, and I thought that was unusual for this time of year because it’s getting warmer.

“The flat was absolutely pitch black and I went looking around trying to find the switchboard to get the power back on and he followed me around.

“We went into the bathroom which had laundry in it and there was a cupboard that had the washing machine in it - which I didn’t know at the time had bits of his wife’s body in it [sic], like her head and arms.”

Mr Coyne - who lives with his Australian partner of six years, Andriana - managed to fix the issue and get the lights back on.

He said: “Marcus asked me to test the cooker before I left, so I turned it on and it was all working fine.

“I didn’t know at the time that, in the big pot on the stove, were other parts of his wife’s body - I believe he’d been cooking her feet at the time.”

Mr Coyne left the property and went home, but the grim reality of what he had been involved in was realised at about 11pm that same night when he received a call from the police.

Mr Coyne added: “I was then told I was the last person to see him, as the police had turned up shortly afterwards, the guy ran away and killed himself.”

Mr Coyne later gave a statement to the police about what he saw on the night and he has been involved in a media frenzy ever since.