Scots New York Madam admits being ‘pimp’ in US

A FORMER Kirkliston mum accused of running a £6.5 million New York vice ring has finally confessed she is a “pimp” on a US talk show.

Anna Gristina, 45, originally from Kirkliston, admitted she had 100 call-girls working for her on a “global roster” that stretched as far as Britain.

Girls only made it on to her books if they were educated and well groomed

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She had previously denied claims she sold sex since she was exposed last year as the Manhattan madam who arranged £1200-an-hour liaisons for wealthy clients.

In an interview on Dr Phil McGraw’s talk show she was asked : “So you were a pimp?” The Edinburgh mother of four replied : “If that’s the way you want to call it, yeah.”

Gristina, told McGraw: “It was amazing, I made a lot of money.

“At any time I had 50 to 100 girls globally. I might make anywhere from $600 to $1000 for the introduction.”

But Gristina, who lived in an up-market New York suburb, denied forcing women to sleep with “sugar daddies”.

She said: “I’ve never owned an escort service. But yes, older men meet with younger beautiful women with the expectation of having sex.

“I’ve never once said to somebody you must have sexual relations for money.”

Before her conviction she refused to name her clients. She said: “I’m Scottish, I have a deep sense of loyalty.

“It was the way I was raised. Your word is everything.”

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After pleading guilty to a reduced charge, Gristina was sentenced to six months imprisonment after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution, but she walked free because she has already served her time behind bars.

She had previously insisted she only ran a match-making service.

At the time she said she now plans to write a tell-all book about her wealthy, well-placed clients, which will send shivers through New York society and beyond.

Her former clients are said to be A-list celebrities, bankers and even royalty.

Following her court case her husband Kelvin Gorr said “It’s a sense of relief that it’s over, we can move on, This was in the best interest of the kids, just to start over and move on, and that’s it.”

While in America the family lived on a 12-acre property in Monroe, about 50 miles north of New York City. She keeps pot-bellied pigs there and works in animal rescue.

She now faces a battle against deportation from the United States. But her defence lawyer Norman Pattis said she would vigorously fight any attempt to remove her from the country.

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