Scot stabbed in Egypt hopeful of returning home

THE family of an oil worker who had spent 13 days in a coma are now trying to raise enough money to fly him home.

Stephen Lumsden, originally from Aberdeenshire, was living in Cairo when attack occurred. Picture: AFP

Stephen Lumsden, 40, of Tarves, Aberdeenshire, was allegedly attacked by his girlfriend at their home in the Zahran area of Cairo in Egypt.

The incident has left Stephen with wounds across his body, and a punctured lung.

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Stephen and his family had to pay almost £10,000 to cover costs after the inspection engineer discovered he did not have health insurance.

And, with him still not knowing the full extent of his injuries after leaving El Bank Al Ahly Hospital due to the cost of healthcare, his family are now trying to raise enough money to get him back to the North-east.

He said: “There is no NHS in Egypt which is why I had to leave the hospital because myself and my family couldn’t afford the costs.

“My family have done the best they can but we have been left in a terrible situation.

“It was an extremely scary event to have happened. I’m still worried about living in my own home in Egypt. I now have to lock my doors and windows because I’m living in fear.

“It felt as if I lost every pint of blood in my body. The knife punctured my heart and I had two holes in my body which had to be repaired.”

Stephen, a dad-of-two, said he was getting ready for work before he was stabbed in the kitchen of his home.

The former pupil of Ellon and Mintlaw academies was then rushed to hospital in a taxi before spending 14 days in care.

Stephen had to undergo heart surgery as a result of the incident, which was believed to have been caused by a bread knife.

He said: “I was unconscious in hospital for 13 days,

“The knife went from one side of my body and came out of the other. I remember being in the back of the taxi struggling to breath.

“I have no recollection of being in the hospital. Myself and my family had to pay in two blocks for the healthcare. The whole situation is a nightmare.

“My life has totally changed and I still can’t get over it. When I lie down to go to sleep on my bed, I worry that I’m going to die.”

Stephen’s mum Morag found out her son was fighting for his life when police arrived at her Sheddocksley home three weeks ago. Mrs Lumsden then travelled to Egypt to see her son, before helping to pay for his treatment.

She said: “My son was close to dying. The hospital placed him on life support which was one of the most scariest moments of my life.

“My brother had been saving money for his funeral but we had to use this to cover his health care costs.

“I hope we can raise enough money to get him back to Aberdeen.

“The whole family just want him home so that he gets the best care which is available to him.”

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: “We can confirm we are aware of this case and are providing consular assistance.”