Rod Stewart tells fans to wear Celtic tops to Gordon Ramsay’s pub

CELTIC fan Rod Stewart has promised to buy his audience a drink if they mob Rangers diehard Gordon Ramsay’s pub in their football kit.

Stewart is currently playing a series of shows at Las Vegas mega-casino Caesar’s Palace.

And ahead of his final show on Sunday, the 70-year-old has taken to Twitter to challenge the 4,100-strong audience of his show to take Scotland’s greatest rivalry stateside.

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The rock legend tweeted to his 226,000 followers yesterday, saying: “To celebrate a very successful Caesar’s Palace run, after Sunday’s show, wear a Celtic FC shirt to Gordon Ramsay’s Pub and I’ll buy you a beer.”

Stewart is a lifelong Celtic supporter - going as far as mentioning the team on his 1977 hit You’re in My Heart.

Meanwhile Ramsay played on the Rangers youth team as a trialist in his teens before bowing out after an injury.

Now the celebrity chef owns a number of restaurants across the UK and US, including a popular venue inside Caesar’s Palace.

But in spite of trading in his football boots for a chef’s knife, Ramsay remains a diehard Rangers fan, and recently joined the Rangers group of fan shareholders.

But it seems that he could expect a rowdy crowd this Sunday - as many of Stewart’s Twitter fans were quick to volunteer their services in running the gauntlet.

Tim Lisbon replied: “I’m gonna be there! Sure Gordon would love a load of Celtic tops in his bar!”

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But some Rangers fans refused to sell their allegiance for a drink, with one commenting: “I would be looking for more than a beer to wear a Celtic shirt.

Other football fans south of the border also weighed in, with Jenn Worrell saying: “Guessing Ill have to buy my own beer if i wear my Chelsea FC shirt post show.”

Stewart recently said: “I’m shrewd about money, I invest well, and look after it. But it’s in my nature to be generous. I look after people.”

“Because of my pride in my Scottish heritage, I used to say things like ‘I don’t mind buying a round of drinks.’”

But he may come to regret the decision to offer a round on him at Ramsay’s pub - where a pint will set you back $8.

If the 4,100 audience take him up on his offer, a round could see him forking over $32,800 - giving Ramsay the last laugh.