Right-to-die case partner’s tearful vow

THE partner of a woman who lost a legal challenge in the Irish courts over her right to die has said he is prepared to do whatever she wants.

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Marie Fleming, who was too ill to attend yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing in Dublin, was told there could be no grounds under Irish law that would allow her to be assisted to end her life.

In an emotional statement outside the court, Tom Curran said: “We will now go back to Wicklow and live our lives until such a time when Marie makes up her mind that she has had enough.

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“And in that case, the court will have the opportunity to decide on my future.”

Asked if he would help Ms Fleming to die, he said: “That will only come up when Marie makes a decision herself.”

Ms Fleming had appealed for the seven-judge court to allow her to die peacefully at home in Arklow, County Wicklow, without her partner facing the threat of being jailed.