PlayStation 4 fightback after Xbox One launch

The PlayStation 4 was launched at Los Angeles' E3 gaming conferenceThe PlayStation 4 was launched at Los Angeles' E3 gaming conference
The PlayStation 4 was launched at Los Angeles' E3 gaming conference
BILLED as a clash of the titans, Sony and Microsoft’s launches of their seventh generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, have been given close scrutiny by the gaming industry.

Among the relevations from the PlayStation 4 launch was the Sony console’s price point, which will be $100 cheaper than its rival.

Microsoft had revealed its new console would cost £429 at Los Angeles’ E3 trade show yesterday.

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PlayStation 4’s new titles will include the latest installment of RPG franchise Final Fantasy. It was initially thought that it would be exclusive to Sony, but the long-running fantasy series will also be available on Xbox One. Microsoft engineered something of a coup by premiering Metal Gear Solid V, taking a series previously inextricable from Sony’s consoles.

PlayStation 4PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

Other PS4 titles include Killzone: Shadowfall, Infamous, and Destiny.

Sony US CEO and president Jack Tretton also revealed that, unlike Microsoft, limitations would not be placed on the used games market, and would not need a constant online connection either.

PS4 v Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft launches the Xbox One yesterday. Picture: APMicrosoft launches the Xbox One yesterday. Picture: AP
Microsoft launches the Xbox One yesterday. Picture: AP

• According to Microsoft, the console is an “all-in-one system” for games, live television, films and music.

• Xbox One can be voice and motion-controlled.

• The sleek black console comes with a new Kinect camera which can analyse body movements and even read a user’s heartbeat when exercising.

• It comes with a blu-ray drive and video-calling service Skype.

• Xbox One features fifteen exclusive games, including eight new franchises.

• Features include “snap mode” which allows users to run two programmes at once.

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• “Trending” allows users to see which games and television shows are popular with friends.

• The “twitch” feature enables players to broadcast their gaming sessions live online.

• The console has eight gigabytes of memory.

• Xbox One will go on sale in the UK priced at £429.

PlayStation 4

• For Sony, the “gaming experience” is at the heart of its latest next generation console.

• The device comes with a feature which allows gamers to broadcast a live stream of their play.

• Sony has also promised to develop Cloud technology to enable users to play their old games via the internet.

• PS4 provides access to social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

• A “share” button allows users to post gameplay footage and screen shots.

• The DualShock 4 controller has a touchpad, a headphone socket and a light bar which can be tracked by a camera to detect where the player is.

• Players will not be required to sign in online.

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• The console does not impose any new restrictions on how owners trade their PS4 game discs.

• The system has eight gigabytes of memory.

• The Playstation 4 will go on sale priced at £349.


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