Nepal earthquake: Scots among missing Britons

A YOUNG Scot feared missing following Nepal’s earthquake has confirmed he is alive and well.

A rescue chopper lands carrying people from higher camps to Everest Base Camp, Nepal. Picture: AP

Brian Monteith was among a list of missing Britons compiled by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

But the 22-year-old from Glasgow used a website set up to help search for the missing to confirm he is alive.

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The death toll from Nepal’s earthquake has soared past 3,700 and is expected to rise further as rescue workers struggle to reach remote villages two days after the disaster.

A member of the Nepalese army walks through a damaged area caused by Saturday's earthquake, in Bhaktapur on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Picture: AP

Reports received so far by the government and aid groups suggest that many communities perched on mountainsides are devastated or struggling to cope.

Nepal police said in a statement today that the country’s death toll had risen to 3,617 people. That does not include the 18 people killed in the avalanche, which were counted by the mountaineering association. Another 61 people were killed in neighbouring India, and China reported 20 people dead in Tibet.

The RAF is expected to deliver much-needed supplies and reinforcements to Nepal today as the rescue and relief effort continues.

Medics and experts from the UK flew out last night after the country was devastated by an earthquake which claimed more than 2,000 lives.

The Foreign Office said it had not received reports of any Britons being killed or injured but that embassy staff had assisted 200 people.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said: “There are several hundred British nationals in Nepal at this time of year and we expect that almost certainly some will have been caught up in the earthquakes. But at this moment we have no reports of any British nationals killed or injured.”

Mr Hammond added that damage to communications infrastructure was making it difficult to contact some people who may be in remote locations, meaning it could be some time before all the Britons in the region could be identified and accounted for.

He continued: “The Foreign Office is urgently deploying additional consular response teams from London and Delhi to reinforce our embassy staff and looking at what else we can do.”

The Department for International Development (DFID) also announced £5 million of humanitarian aid for Nepal.

It deployed a team of more than 60 search and rescue responders and medical experts as part of a cross-government surge to support the relief effort.

A DFID-chartered flight was due to leave the UK for Kathmandu last night, carrying seven international search and rescue crews, four search and rescue dogs, a medical support team and a hazardous materials specialist.

They took with them more than 11 tonnes of kit, including torches, axes, rope, search cameras, stretchers and tents.

Rescue efforts in the country are expected to be reinforced as volunteers and experts start arriving to help deal with the destruction.


Here is a full list of British and Irish-born people believed to be missing in Nepal, compiled by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC):

Abdulla Dahab, 20, London

Adam Powell, 45, Great Britain

Alex Murphy, 25, Dublin

Andrew Robertson, 56, England

Ann McNeil, 66, Sussex

Arron Conran, 22, Ireland

Ashrafe Sultana, 31, London

Brian Allen, 41, Edinburgh

Callumn Shally, 21, England

Chloe Pincho, 27, England

Ciaran Sands, 55, Ireland

Cliodhna Cork, 21, Dublin

Daniel Thomas Hughes, 36, Wrexham

Darine Flanagan, 22, Galway

Darren Alexander Smith, 27, Edinburgh

Darren Russell, 26, Wrexham

Deniz Csern Oklavek, 48, Luton

Derek Waters, 56, Dartford

Emma Louise Waterton, 37, UK

Emmet Gallagher, 33, Dublin

Evan Mark Williams, 51, Wolverhampton

Fiona Lamont, 26, Staffordshire

Gary Williams, 52, Plymouth

George Richard Wilson, 69, Manchester

Hayley Saul, 32, Northampton

Heather Chan, 34, Dundee

Heather Stretton, 47, Louth, Lincolnshire

Helen Pounder, 21, Bishop Auckland

Huw Alexander Lashmar, 57, Wales

Ian Wainman, 42, Merseyside

Jack Kilpatrick, 24, England

Jack Young, 21, England

Jacqueline Bushe, 54, Donegal

Jacqueline Toal, 34, Glasgow

Janet Brownlie, 59, UK

Jason Russell, 28 Wrexham

Jonathan Hikmet, 25, UK

Jonathan William Blott, 24, UK

Joseph Ire Sieder, 45, London

Karl Townsend, 43, Liverpool

Kathleen R Fellows, 70, England

Keith Diplock, 71, East Sussex

Laurence Benjamin Gerhardt, 24, UK

Lloyd Davies, 22, UK

Lynda Davis, 50, Scotland

Madelana Ryan, 48, Dublin

Marilyn Ann Harnett, 65, Saffron Walden

Mark Ian Skenerton, 50, Chelmsford

Martin James Edmonds Gattuso, 38, Harborough Magna, Warwickshire

Martin Oppenheim, 65, England

Martin Thomas Donnelly, 34, Stockport

Mary Magdelina Claus, 64, Nuneaton

Matthew Caraport, 23, UK

Matthew David Spruell, 38, London

Matthew Thorne, 36, Stirling

Maurice Hanley, 54, England

Maxwell John Hynes Giusti, 45, London

Mike Russell, 42, Lancashire

Mitchell Carpenter, 23, Aberdeen

Monica Redenham, 63, London

Naomi Everett, 24, Manchester

Niall Kavanagh, 54, Dublin

Nicholas Cooney, 71, Drogheda

Norah Arscott, 77, Somerset

Oliver McKevitt, 24, Northern Ireland

Pat Loughran, 66, Dublin

Philip James Green, 30, London

Rachel McDonald, 26, Kent

Richard Jones, 59, Glasgow

Richard Bannister, 64, England

Ross Cameron Smith, 22, Dumfries

Ruth Millington, 25, UK

Samuel Beckett, 23, Portsmouth

Samuel Luke Bond, 28, Bath

Seobhan McGuigan, 41, Edinburgh

Shaun Bailey, 27, Stoke-on-Trent

Simon Charlesworth, 49, UK

Sinead Nic Cionna, 31, Monaghan

Sonia Downie, 50, London

Sophie Proffitt, 23, Oxford

Stephen Burke, 26, Ruislip

Su Browning, 62, Lambeth

Susan McDonald, 41, Dundee

Susannah Ross, 20, Bath

Terry Tremble, 56, England

Thomas Drumm, 55, Monaghan

Thomas William Southgate, 23, England

Tracy Ruth Powell, 45, UK

Victoria Barkas, 34, United Kingdom