Man cooks up “egg and chips” prank to fool kids

THIS meal of egg and chips looks delicious, but it’s not what it seems.

Fried egg and chips. Or is it? Picture: dwimback/reddit

It’s actually vanilla yoghurt, half a peach and a peeled apple cut into chip-shaped segments.

Reddit user dwimback cooked up the fake meal to trick their children on April Fools’ Day, and posted the image online.

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The trick was met with a variety of reactions.

Fellow Reddit user whitepaddedwalls said: “While it does sound delicious, imagine biting in to that thinking it was eggs. That unexpected taste and texture would be a pretty big shock,” while Clashman320 added: “I put ketchup on my eggs so I could see this being a disaster.”

The good news is that it’s easily recreated. All you need is a half peach in a can (for the most realistic-looking ‘yolk’), vanilla yoghurt (although we suspect Greek natural yoghurt would be acceptable) and an apple.

Despite it being intended as a prank, a number of commenters felt that being served apple, yoghurt and peach would be more preferable than a greasy fried egg and chips.