Hipster beards are ‘over’ says Scots model

HIPSTER beards are “over” and “dead” according to the Scots supermodel who rose to stardom on the look.

Scots model Chris John Millington. Picture: Twitter/@chrisjohnmilly

Christopher John Millington modelled for fashion chains such as Urban Outfitters, Top Man, and River Island and even launched his own brand of beard oil.

But the 25-year-old from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, has called time on the trend and claimed even to have shaved off his bushy beard.

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He tweeted to his 62,000 followers: “Are guys still genuinely growing beards and trying to be models?

“It’s over fellas, it’s over.”

He added: “The spots were up for grabs 2 years ago. The industry literally rolls its eyes at newcomers now. The market is saturated.”

Millington continued: “It’s a shame but the industry works in trends. Androgyny is back, our work is drying up.

“If your beard ain’t got a plan B.. good luck.”

Full beards, often combined with neat hair and “sleeve” tattoos, have become hugely popular in recent years, with many fashionable young men feeling they promote a rebellious, manly image.

Since then an entire industry has sprung up around the trend, including items such as specialist beard barbers, beard oils and beard nets for kitchen workers.

Millington was in the right place at the right time in 2013 when he was spotted by a London model agent.

He had only grown his beard for a bet with a friend but was shortly able to quit his job in a coffee chain, get a New York-based agent and travelled the world to do photoshoots.

Millington, who returned to Scotland last month saying he was sick of the “canapes and free vodka” circuit, also bemoaned how difficult it is for male models to find work.

He tweeted: “You gotta understand that fashion models only make good money if they land consistent e-comm work, or campaigns.

“It’s hard, really hard.”

He then stunned fans who had been following his posts by posting a pouting photo of himself with a comment saying “Sleepy”, before tweeting “Also most of the beard has been chopped. Yay.”

Two women replied with the word “NO” in capital letters., whilst a user called ‏Yelitza wrote: “my heart just broke”

Reaction from men was more positive. One said: “yes. Come to the dark side” whilst another asked: ““Are you gonna chop it all off eventually?”

Mark Evans, director of Millington’s London agency Established Models, confirmed: “As an agent, the trend for models with beards has reached saturation point.

“Three years ago there were one or two guys with beards, now every agency has at least three. A lot of clients are saying “We don’t want to see anyone with a beard”.

“The designers were using a lot less guys with beards this season.

Mark said Christopher was still in demand, adding: “I think he’s had the beard trimmed but he hasn’t cut it off.”

Christopher said yesterday: “I don’t know if beards will ever be over.

“Beards are now so common that designers are veering away from it.

“There’s going to be a lot of guys who grew a beard to cover up a terrible chin.

“They’ll probably keep it. It’s like me, I look like a rubber duck without a beard.”

He added: “I’ve still got mine. It’s still very much alive.

“I’ve been shaving since I was in second year at high school. When I reached like, 22, I was like “I’m done with this.” I don’t know how guys do it all their lives, it would drive me up the wall.”