Greek coalition may have to delay elections

A JUNIOR partner in Greece’s new interim government has said it may hold the next national election later than planned.

Giorgos Karatzaferis, leader of the right-wing LAOS party, said the three-party coalition is finding it difficult to operate under the “very tight deadline” set when the government was formed earlier this month.

It may therefore hold the next national vote later than 19 February, the date provisionally agreed.

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“It’s becoming clear to all of us that we cannot function under this very tight deadline,” Mr Karatzaferis said after a meeting with prime minister Lucas Papademos yesterday.

“So it is evident to everyone that the date of the next general election must come after the Papademos government completes the difficult task it has undertaken.”

Eurozone countries have frozen rescue payments to Greece, seeking firm cross-party commitments to the bailout program, and are expected to review that position next week.