Going, gone - Texas town sold on eBay

A TOWN sold for almost £1.5 million on the auction website eBay yesterday.

Albert, a 13-acre historic town in Texas, includes a house, dance hall, tavern and a schoolhouse reportedly attended by former Lyndon Johnson, the former US president, in 1920. The town was sold to a private bidder for $3,000,800 (1.45 million).

Bobby Cave, 47, of real-estate company urbanspace Realtors, said he sold the properties after three-and-a-half years as he "was ready for his next project".

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"I bought it with the intention of creating a little family camping venue where people could come out and drink and enjoy local live music," Mr Cave said.

He admitted the town's population consisted of himself and a groundsman at weekends.

More than 120 bids had been placed by 58 people since Albert was listed on eBay last month.

Its listing described the area as "known for its towering oaks, wildflowers, German heritage and laid-back attitude".

It said: "The historic town, once a popular stagecoach stop, is a lot quieter now.

"Albert is now a popular stop for weekend day-trippers in the middle of Texas's burgeoning winemaking region."

The listing said the sale included detailed plans for improvements, including a restaurant, cottages and an outdoor cinema.

An eBay spokesman said: "You can buy pretty much anything on eBay, but this is certainly one of the more unusual listings we have had on the site."

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