Defence secretary calls for more military spending amid increasing Russia threat

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said investment in defence spending must "continue to grow" to counter increasing threat from Russia.

Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute land warfare conference, Mr Wallace said there was a "real danger" President Vladimir Putin could "lash out" against Europe.

The UK currently spends around two per cent of its GDP on defence, matching the target Nato sets for its members.

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However, Mr Wallace has reportedly asked the Prime Minister to increase that to 2.5 per cent by 2028.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace speaks at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2022 in London.

"If the threat changed so must the funding. If governments historically responded every time the NHS has a winter crisis, so must they when the threats to the very security which underpins our way of life increases," he said.

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"For too long defence has lived on a diet of smoke and mirrors, hollowed out formations and fantasy savings when in the last few years threats from states have started to increase.

"Right now Russia is the most direct and pressing threat to Europe, to our allies and these shores. I am serious when I say there is a very real danger Russia will lash out against wider Europe. In these days of long range missiles and stealth distance is no protection.”

He added: "The threat is growing, is global and multidomain. It is now time to signal that the peace dividend is over and investment needs to continue to grow before it becomes too late to address the resurgent threat and the lessons learned in Ukraine. It is time to mobilise, be ready and be relevant."



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