Ben Affleck’s Argo faces Iran lawsuit

OSCAR-winning film Argo is to be the subject of a lawsuit from Iranian authorities after accusations that it gives an “unrealistic portrayal” of the country, according to local media reports.

• Iranian authorities plan to sue over Argo, condemning it as “unrealistic”

• The film, based on true events, won an Oscar for Best Picture

The film, starring and directed by Ben Affleck, tells the story of six diplomats who escaped the 1979 US embassy attack in Tehran, where 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days.

The escape, using a fake movie as a cover story concocted by the CIA, is recounted by Argo, a film that won Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards.


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The decision on the lawsuit came after a group of Iranian cultural officials screened the film in a closed audience late on Monday. The gathering, entitled The Hoax of Hollywood, discussed various legal aspects of filing a lawsuit, although it remains unclear what specific charges Iran could raise and what court Tehran could turn to if the action goes ahead.

Those at the meeting dismissed Argo as a “violation of international cultural norms.”

However, reports emerged that Iranian authorities were consulting with an international legal expert about how and where to sue over the film.