Bells to ring out in Linlithgow for Notre Dame

The plaintive sound of bells will fill the air in Linlithgow at 7pm tonight (April 18) to show solidarity with the people of Paris who saw Notre Dame Cathedral’s roof ravaged by fire.

Bellringers will heed the call sent out by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland as the world came to terms with the fire that took hold of the iconic 850-year-old Gothic cathedral.

Right Reverend Susan Brown said: “The world has been shocked and saddened by the devastating fire at Notre Dame.

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“The reaction is so great because the Church is more than ‘just’ a building.

Many buildings, as well as being worship spaces, are a celebration of the gifts of stone masons, carpenters, glass makers, artists and musicians.They also house history and Notre Dame is one such church.

And she urged other churches to do as St Michael’s is doing.

The moderator added: “In sympathy and solidarity with the people of Paris, I would encourage our churches and cathedrals, where possible, to ring their bells at 7pm for seven minutes.”

Meanwhile, Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews and Edinburgh Diocese, said that the people of Paris were in his thoughts and prayers.

He said: “We sometimes invest certain places and things with a lot of affection and significance, like an heirloom. Notre Dame, like all the medieval cathedral of Europe, are such heirlooms.

“They’re held in high esteem, and for Christians they are a window into the beauty of life in God.

“ I was very pleased to see President Macron pledge unequivocally to rebuild it. People are more important than things, and I’m glad no one appears to have been hurt; but things of great beauty raise our minds and hearts to God. Notre Dame is one such place. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris and of France; may God bless them all in this moment of loss.”