Airbus A380 for Glasgow-Dubai route not ruled out

EMIRATES may consider introducing the world’s largest passenger plane for flights from a Scottish airport “if conditions are right”.

There are 'no firm plans' to bring in the Airbus A380 at Glasgow but it could be considered as an expansion option. Picture: Wiki Commons

Emirates UK vice president Laurie Berryman said there are “no firm plans” to bring in the Airbus A380 at Glasgow Airport but it could be considered as an option for expansion.

Another option could be introducing a third daily flight between Glasgow and Dubai, which currently has a service twice a day.

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An Airbus A380 landed at Glasgow Airport last April as Emirates marked its 10th anniversary of flights from Scotland.

It usually carries 525 passengers with seats in economy, business and first class, but can carry more than 850 passengers when flying with only economy seats.

Mr Berryman said: “We have no firm plans but if conditions are right we will look to the A380, but it is quite a big step up in capacity.”

He added: “The debate will be whether the next stage of expansion will be an A380 or a third flight.

“There’s always airport facilities to consider as you need at least two or three bridges to service the A380 properly.”

He said they would also have to consider whether they could fill the aircraft in the quieter seasons.

Emirates started flying from Glasgow in 2004 and it is an “absolutely vital” part of the airline’s UK strategy, Mr Berryman said.

Dubai is the most popular destination for people flying from Scotland, followed by Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia and places in the Indian Ocean.

As well as rising passenger numbers, the airline has seen a huge increase in cargo, which has grown by more than 1,000% since 2004.

Its aircraft carry one million kilos of cargo out of Glasgow in an average month.

Large amounts of Scotch whisky are flown to the Far East while the airline also transports lots of oil drilling equipment.

In the last five years there has been an increase in the amount of fresh seafood such as scallops, razor clams and salmon which is transported as cargo.