15,000 crocodiles escape South African farm

AS MANY AS 15,000 crocodiles are thought to have escaped from a farm in South Africa following heavy rainfall in the region.

Owners of the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in the far north of the country were forced to open floodgates to prevent a storm surge after the Limpopo river’s water level rose, leading to the great escape.

A number of the crocs have since been recaptured, but around 7,000 remain at large throughout the region. One was captured after surfacing on a school rugby pitch 75 miles from the farm in Musina.

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Zane Langman, son-in-law of the farm’s owner Johan Boshoff, said: “There used to be only a few crocodiles in the Limpopo river. Now there are a lot.

“We’ve been recapturing them as and when the local farmers phone us to tell us that there are crocodiles on their property.”

The reptiles are supposedly easier to capture at night as their eyes shine red in the dark.

Animal safety experts have warned people to remain indoors and stay away from any crocodiles.

Severe floods have killed 10 people in the surrounding region of Limpopo province, with hundreds more made homeless, whilst the South African air force are helping to rescue those in remote settlements.

The neighbouring country of Mozambique has also been affected by the floods, with thousands evacuated from their homes.