Woman who gave lethal injection of heroin jailed

A WOMAN who gave a friend a lethal injection of heroin has been jailed.

Carrie Crookshank injected half a gram of heroin into Roger Donaldson's groin. Picture: TSPL
Carrie Crookshank injected half a gram of heroin into Roger Donaldson's groin. Picture: TSPL

Carrie Crookshank injected half a gram of heroin into Roger Donaldson’s groin on February 7 last year.

He immediately slumped forward and fell off the sofa at his home in Arbroath’s Sidney Street.

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Crookshank later told police she was “shocked” at how quickly her friend had succumbed to the drug.

Fiscal depute Chris McIntosh told Arbroath Sheriff Court that Crookshank had gone to Mr Donaldson’s house shortly after 7am.

A third person, who was a Crown witness in the case, said Crookshank had asked Mr Donaldson if he would “manage half a gram”.

Mr McIntosh said: “She confirmed it with the complainer, and reminded him that he had not taken heroin for a while.”

Crookshank then asked if Mr Donaldson, a known user, wanted the drug in his groin and he said yes.

The prosecutor said: “She then injected him, he immediately slumped forward and fell off the couch.”

Crookshank told the witness that she thought Mr Donaldson would be okay, but the witness became worried and dialled 999 for an ambulance.

It arrived shortly after 8am but Mr Donaldson could not be saved.

Mr McIntosh added: “Suspicion fell on the accused, who attended the locus around 11am when police inquiries were still ongoing, but made no reference to the complainer having been given heroin.”

Crookshank made no comment in a formal police interview, but then told officers the complainer had asked for heroin to be injected into him.

The fiscal said: “She said she was shocked by what had happened and had never seen anyone collapse so quickly from a heroin overdose.”

Crookshank, 27, of Newton Avenue, Arbroath, pleaded guilty to supplying heroin to Roger Donaldson at his home in the town’s Sidney Street last February, while the subject of six bail orders.

Billy Rennie, defending, said Crookshank had been released only last month from another lengthy jail term.

He said: “She didn’t think it was unusual to see him slump over after taking it, but quickly realised that it was a significant problem that could not be recovered from after he lost all colour in his face immediately.

“She tried CPR, but realised it was too far gone and the consequences were all too evident.”

Sheriff Gregor Murray jailed Crookshank for eight months.

He said: “I fully accept that this was not intended, but you have a graphic understanding of the dangers of drug abuse.

“I accept that your life is more stable now, but that is only a result of being in prison.

“I hope your future remains stable, but I cannot allow an offence of this nature to pass without giving a custodial sentence.”