Anent your excellent editorial about whistleblowers (18 June) Colin Evans raises very apt questions; his last point is so true (Letters, 19 June). But there are wider concerns than corruption, safety and security breaches.

Many long-standing residents here believe Fife Council’s plan to relocate our 1,400-pupil secondary school next to our Community Hospital (with the car-park and bus turning-area adjoining the hospice garden) 
is strongly opposed by many staff at all levels, quite possibly a majority, in both school and hospital.

These are well-qualified, experienced professionals who best understand the widest long-term interests of their “clients” – pupils, parents and patients.

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But they feel constrained from voicing their opinions, whether by express directive, indirect pressure or assumed muzzling (I don’t know which) from the council’s education officers and NHS Fife.

They should be able to speak out confidentially to our free press, with the protection our politicians promise and pay lip-service to.

John Birkett

Horseleys Park

St Andrews