Welcome to your new-look Scotsman

SCOTLAND in the 21st century is a dynamic, exciting, inspirational nation and it needs a media that will reflect that, a media that shows the best Scotland has to offer. And we intend to do just that.

Today sees a new Scotsman and a new scotsman.com. that will cement our place as Scotland’s national newspaper, but also build on it, ensuring our place at the forefront of the digital news revolution we are living through.

The Scotsman will continue to have top-quality and comprehensive news and sports reporting alongside our leading commentators and analysts, and our wide range of features, but there will be more.

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The new Scotsman, both in print and on screen, has a great modern look that will also help our readers get the information and the enjoyment they want. This includes a fully responsive website that will give a great experience whether on a phone, tablet or desktop. There is also a new Scotsman app.

There will be a radically updated modern new content mix that will better reflect the changing, growing, vibrant Scotland we live in including innovative channels to broaden out what we write about and report, and bringing many new voices to the fore.

The new content mix will better reflect the whole of Scotland and its multitude of communities.

• You can visit the beta version of The Scotsman’s new website @ beta.scotsman.com

New channels for our content, both online and in print include Future Scotland, which will champion Scotland for innovation, creation and growth, bringing the vibrancy of emerging Scotland to life, targeting every sector.

We are also introducing We Know Scotland which will, I am sure, become the go-to place for all Scottish national information so readers can be informed on key facts, information and trends including the economy, jobs, families, health, and many others.

And we know that there is an awful lot of good work going on in Scotland, by community groups, companies and individuals, which currently goes unrecognised and unhelped, so we are introducing Giving Back to mark the continuation of the traditional Scottish characteristic of helping others.

We also celebrate Scotland’s rich history by establishing a new Heritage channel to showcase historic images and reports from all around Scotland through the centuries.

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We are also strengthening our business coverage with a focus on the Scottish companies and individuals building our economy with hard work and innovation day in day out.

These new channels will build on the success we have had with our new food and drink site launched in the spring which complements our greatly enhanced lifestyle section.

The Scotsman is one of Scotland’s oldest and best-known news brands, next year it will begin celebrations to mark 200 years since it was founded.

But in this fast-moving modern world nothing can afford to stand still.

So this is the next stage in our evolution, a step-change in what we do to better reflect modern Scotland and by doing so continuing our place as part of the fabric of this nation.

We will always reflect what our readers want, and deliver products that are at the forefront of the industry, adapting and evolving The Scotsman to ensure we not only stay true to its unique identity and its distinguished history but deliver a world-class title – online and in print - that is worthy of the incredible country it serves.

I hope you like what we have done, and would welcome all feedback. You can tell us what you think of our relaunch and new site here.

Ian Stewart


Twitter: @scotsmanIanS