Scotland's heatwave returns for a warm but stormy week

Temperatures will remain high across Scotland this week, but we'll also see some heavy rain, particularly in the Central Belt, according to the Met Office.

Inverness could see thunderstorms this week (Photo: Shutterstock)
Inverness could see thunderstorms this week (Photo: Shutterstock)

Much of the country will experience wet weather today (Monday 23 July), with Glasgow and the rest of the west coast bearing the brunt of it.

Warm again on the west coast

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The air may feel chilly in Glasgow today, as temperatures are set to drop to 16C in the evening - a stark change from the recent heatwave. However, the warm weather will be back from Tuesday onwards, reaching around 20C each day, and highs of 22C on Thursday afternoon.

Conditions are expected to stay dry for the most part in Scotland’s second city this week, aside from possible showers during Friday afternoon and evening. The sun is likely to make an appearance on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, but otherwise the skies will remain cloudy.

Cloudy in the capital

The forecast is much the same over on the east coast and in Edinburgh, although temperatures are expected to climb even higher on Thursday afternoon, reaching 23C by 4pm.

Locals will likely only see the sun peeking through the clouds occasionally during the week, notably on Thursday evening and early on Sunday morning. The capital could be hit with showers early on Friday afternoon, and again that evening. Otherwise, conditions should stay dry.

A mixed bag for the Borders

Galashiels in the Borders will see more rain than most places in Scotland this week, with light showers predicted until around lunchtime on Tuesday and returning on Friday evening.

Temperatures in the area will be high today (with highs of 21C), before falling to the mid-teens during tomorrow’s rain. Once the weather dries up again, the heatwave will return with a vengeance, getting up to 23C on Thursday afternoon, which will also be very sunny.

Conditions may be slightly cooler overall in nearby Dumfries, but residents can still expect temperatures in the high teens, reaching a maximum of 22C on what should be a very sunny Thursday afternoon and evening.

The area will stay very dry, with rain only forecast in the small hours of Tuesday morning.

Lower temperatures and storms further north

Further north, Inverness looks set for some dramatic weather this week, with today’s warm and sunny afternoon giving way to thunderstorms and rain on Friday afternoon and evening. Temperatures will be high for the majority of the week, peaking at 23C on Thursday afternoon, and then cooling down to around 18C after Friday’s rain.

In both Aberdeen and Dundee, temperatures will be lower overall, dropping down from 22C today to around 17C for the rest of the week. Things will stay dry but cloudy for much of the next seven days, with some bursts of sunshine throughout.