Is Scotland set for 'four months of snow' this winter?

Some weather forecasters are still predicting that Scotland will be hit with four months of snow this winter - but the Met Office has once again dismissed the claims.

The Beast From The East blanketed Scotland in snow in March this year. Picture: Michael Gillen/ JP

Various media outlets have reported this week that this winter could be even worse than the Beast from the East, which blanketed much of the country earlier this year.

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Will it snow heavily in Scotland this winter?

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The cold snap prediction stems from several long range forecasts, including Jeremy Corbyn's brother and meteorologist, Piers Corbyn.

He told the Express that a steep temperature drop comes from interference from the sun, with changes to the sun’s ‘plasma layer’ causing cold air based in the North Pole to sweep south and journey towards Europe.

He says the phenomenon is named a ‘displaced polar vortex’ and is set to take place starting the end of this month.

What the Met Office say

Met Office forecaster Bonnie Diamond acknowledged that snow will likely hit Scotland by the end of the month, but only on higher ground, which is typical for this time of year.

And she said that it was too early to make predictions of a freezing four-month period in the UK, adding: "It will get colder next weekend and there is the possibility of snow showers on higher ground. That will continue to the end of October to the start of November."

She stressed that the Met Office does not issue weather forecasts in detail beyond 7-10 days, with regional forecasts of up to 30 days.

The days ahead

Ms Diamond said that temperatures across Scotland this weekend are expected to fluctuate between 14C and 15C, with the possibility of 17C or above in Aberdeenshire - well above average for this time of year.

However there could be some rain showers, mainly in the west of the country, over the weekend.

She said it will start getting colder from the start of next week, with widespread frost expected by next weekend.

Ms Diamond said The Met Office could not comment specifically on the influence of interference from the sun on local weather patterns.