May Bank Holiday Scotland weather forecast: Bright sunshine predicted - but could it rain on VE day?

Friday (8 May) is the first bank holiday of this month, but will the weather be bright, sunny and warm or bleak and grey?

Here’s the current weather forecast for Scotland.

What will the weather be like on bank holiday Friday?

Friday (8 May) will again be a mixed bag. It will begin quite cloudy, but sunny spells will develop through the morning, especially away from the coasts. It will remain dry for most area, but there will be a few showers developing in the south. It will be relatively warm, with highs of 17C.

Friday (8 May) is the first bank holiday of May, but will the weather be bright, sunny and warm or bleak and grey? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Friday evening will remain mostly dry, but it will become increasingly cloudy around southwestern coasts, with the cloud spreading further inland through the night.

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What will the weather be like this weekend?

Saturday (9 May) will see bright spells develop through the morning, but some isolated showers are possible during the afternoon. It will also cloud over from the north later, but feel warm in sunnier spells, with a peak temperature of 19C.

Sunday (10 May) will become much colder, as cloud and rain clears to the south with strong winds developing.

What’s the long-range forecast?

Looking further ahead, the Met Office outlook towards 17 May says: “The weather will likely turn more unsettled, with a gradual increase in spells of rain and showers for most, broken by brief sunny or bright spells.”

It is also expected to turn windier in some western regions with cooler temperatures in the north, which will then spread throughout the UK.

The heaviest rainfall will be in southern regions, but the unsettled picture is set to continue until mid-month, where there is a chance that the UK could see some longer, drier spells.

However, this is more likely later in May, beyond this period.

The UK outlook from Monday 18 May to Monday 1 June adds, “Generally a largely unsettled picture is set to continue, with periods of rain and showers broken by some brighter spells whilst staying on the cooler side.”

The heaviest rain is expected in the south, but towards the end of May, there is an increasing chance of longer, drier spells, with temperatures also turning warmer.