Man stuck in head by debris on Nicolson Street due to storm winds

A MAN was struck in the head by falling debris on Nicolson Street in Edinburgh today.

Jack Dunbar, a former soldier, was waiting to catch a bus to work when some coating from a nearby block of flats fell down.

The incident, at around 6.30am left him with a cut and lump on his head.

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Edinburgh had been hit with winds up to 70mph before the accident took place due to Storm Ophelia.

Mr Dunbar commented to a Scottish news service: “It all happened so fast.

“A slate or something fell from the roof and made a big bang.

“It hit me on the head, one guy took out his phone to help me check my head,” he added.

An Edinburgh Council spokeswoman confirmed that a member of the public had reported the incident.

They said that after officers inspected the building they found that it posed no further risk and deemed it safe.

They added that the building is privately owned and that they would be writing to the owners reminding them of their responsibilities with regard to the upkeep of their property.