Mossmorran flaring.Mossmorran flaring.
Mossmorran flaring.

In Pictures: Mossmorran chemical plant flaring seen across Fife, Edinburgh and Lothians and sparks hundreds of complaints

Dozens of pictures have been shared online showing more elevated flaring at the Mossmorran chemical plant in Fife on Monday night.

ExxonMobil said last night they have replaced a faulty part on a compressor and are “working round the clock” to restart the machine as soon as possible, which could mean seeing some “fluctuations in the elevated flare.”

But the Scottish Environment Protection Agency said on Monday night that they had received 380 complaints about the flaring since it started early on Sunday morning, and that although it is authorised and an important safety feature of industrial sites, it has been happening “too often".

Many people shared images of the bright orange glow which could seen for miles around Edinburgh, Fife and the Lothians...