Here's how long the heatwave will last in Scotland

The scorching weather from the weekend is set to continue into this week, with temperatures across the UK tipped to be as hot as Spain over the coming days.

Temperatures across the UK are set to climb to 30C
Temperatures across the UK are set to climb to 30C

Some parts of the country will be basking in temperatures as high as 30°C this week, but how long will the glorious sunny weather last for in Scotland?

The hot weather is expected to be around for the next few weeks, with the next 10 days being pure sunshine throughout the day and temperatures across most parts of Scotland reaching above 20°C.

This warm weather is due to high pressure settling over the UK and warm winds arriving from the continent.

Temperatures across the UK are set to climb to 30C

The heatwave will peak on Wednesday, with forecasters predicting this to be the hottest day of 2018.

The Met Office has forecast temperatures up to 26°C in Glasgow for both Wednesday and Thursday, and 'high 20s' around in Scotalnd.

Edinburgh's warmest day is predicted to be Thursday, reaching highs of 24°C, and the welcome hot weather is expected to last throughout the week.

Thursday will also mark the warmest day for Aberdeen and Dundee, with both set to bathe in 20°C temperatues.

Temperatures in Scotland are set to reach high of up to 26C

After the mid-week peak, the weather will begin to cool slightly with the far north of Scotland expected to be cloudier, and coastal areas experience dips in temperature as sea breezes develop.

There may be a chance of wet and windier weather in the far north of Scotland towards the end of the week and the heat may spark an isolated thunderstorm during the first week of July, but the majority of the country will stay settled and dry.