Glasgow Science Centre roof melts as city hits 31.9C

The roof of the Glasgow Science Centre started to melt today as temperatures hit a record high of 31.9C.

The Glasgow Science Centre roof began to melt in today's record-breaking temperatures. Picture: Alastair Dalton

One famous Glasgow building started to show signs that it couldn’t handle the heat earlier today when its roof began to melt.

A thick black goo dripped from the Glasgow Science Centre as the city’s maximum temperature record was smashed.

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Hottest day in Glasgow since records began as city hits 31C

In a tweet, the Glasgow Science Centre explained that the weatherproof membrane that coats the panels on its distinctive metallic roof were “quite literally” melting.

They added: “The structural integrity of the roof is completely sound, but we are left with a bit of an unsightly black goo on the roof. We shall set about cleaning it when everything cools down a bit!”

The sizzling hot weather brought problems for rail operators, with speed restrictions in force due to high rail temperatures and the risk of them buckling.

Meanwhile, Police Scotland issued a warning about the potentially fatal consequences of leaving animals in vehicles in this weather.

The force said on Twitter: “Please do not leave your pets in the car, even if only popping to the shops - cars heat up v quickly. The temp in a parked car, even in the shade with open windows, can rapidly reach a level high enough to seriously harm or kill your pet.”