Watch: South Korean YouTube star explains Edinburgh dialects

Is this pure barry? Or should Korean Billy be told to hud his wheesht?

Korean Billy explaining the meaning of the Edinburgh dialect word 'radge'. Picture: YouTube

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The popular YouTube blogger has already tackled some of Britain’s most notable dialects, including Glaswegian, Geordie and Scouse, and now he’s trying his hand at Edinburgh’s local language.

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In the three minute video, Billy - real name Seong-Jae Kong from Seoul, South Korea - explains the meaning of ‘haud yer wheesht,’ ‘pure barry’ and ‘reeking’ among several others.

Billy’s pronunciation is a little off at times, while he slips into a West Coast accent on occasion, but seeing as he’s literally from 5,000 miles away we should probably let him away with it.

The 26-year-old started his side project during a stay in the UK in 2015 when he studied as an exchange student at the University of Lancashire.

His YouTube channel has 83,571 subscribers. Only 3,873 have viewed the Edinburgh video so far, but with 359,680 views on the Liverpool dialect explanation, it’ll surely rise much higher.