Walk-in GPs a good step, say Tories

THE Tories have called on the Scottish Government to trial the use of GP walk-in centres.

MSP Murdo Fraser, shadow cabinet secretary for health and wellbeing, said the centres would provide a "quick, quality service for Scottish patients".

He said: "In London, Bristol and Manchester they have walk-in centres open at patient- friendly hours and locations that mean you can see a GP without any appointment on your way to work and within a quarter of an hour.

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"So why the SNP are not even trialling a system that has worked so well for English NHS patients and could easily work for Scottish NHS patients is inexplicable."

Mr Fraser added: "This SNP government has shown time and again that it has got its priorities on health wrong; by supporting populist policies such as the hugely expensive free prescriptions programme they are overlooking policies that provide far better value for money.

"Alex Salmond has some serious explaining to do as to why he is not standing up for Scottish patients and failing to recognise the services that could actually benefit them."